myDUPR Extracts

For those pickleball clubs affiliated with myDUPR, results can be extracted from MatchUp and loaded into a myDUPR supplied template and emailed to myDUPR for upload.  

The 'myDUPR Extract' generated in MatchUp should be saved to your local directory so the data can be accessed and copied to the myDUPR Club DIrectors results template.  You will need to save a copy of the myDUPR xls file before you can update it. The completed xls file should then be emailed to for upload.f

MatchUp will generate a player file containing name, email and DUPR ID.  These details are extracted from the player profile.  DUPR ID should be recorded in the 'Other ID' field.

MatchUp will also generate a results file containing most of the data required to complete the DUPR template.  The "Rally Scoring" column will need to be manually populated once copied to the template.

The file names will be as follows where yyyy-mm-dddd is the event date and xxxxxxxxx is the event name:

yyyy-mm-dd xxxxxxxxx  - myDUPR Players.csv

yyyy-mm-dd xxxxxxxxx  - myDUPR Results.csv