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MatchUp Tennis & Pickleball Organizer App Reviews

Take a look at what some coaches, clubs and organizers are saying about MatchUp...

Just what my club needed
by JNKirby17 (United States)

I can honestly say I have never in my life written a review for an app, but wish I could shout from the rooftops about using MatchUp. I took over as tennis coordinator at a small tennis club earlier in 2022. We would have social mixers throughout the summer and needed a new way to organize players. I searched high and low before coming across MatchUp. After a few tweaks and understanding how to group people, this was a lifesaver. I received so much GREAT feedback from attendees that they enjoyed playing with different players, switching it up, and not having the anxiety of “gym class” and being picked last to play. I have not had any issues using the app and cannot recommend it enough. Best money I spent on our tennis club this summer!

Great App for tennis organizers
by GregBeh (Australia)

This app saves heaps of time when organizing events or even just a social hit amongst a few players. It does the draw for you and also works out the winners list. Highly recommend this app.

Perfect App for running tennis and pickleball events
by tahoeguy29 (United States)

This is an amazingly well thought out app that helps an event organizer deal with all the challenges of running an organized event and the issues that often occur such as: A) Player late or no shows B) A surprise last minute participant C) A player that gets injured, has to leave early, or just wants a rest. D) Grouping players by different levels, but making the draws look like one inclusive event. E) Flexibility to adjust pairings when needed. I could go on and on, but if you run these types of events, you owe it to yourself to try something that will make it so much easier!

Brilliant! Organise players in a flash
by Dre169 (United Kingdom)

I am a LTA coach based in London. Matchup is invaluable on court tool to organise and report on all competitive sessions. This encompasses junior and adult programme sessions and inter-club Team Challenge events. It’s very easy to use and let’s you concentrate on the session instead of fiddling around with pieces of paper or spreadsheets. It has made the administration of events a breeze and as you can create reports players and parents get feedback on their competitive progress. Try it out! Simply download the App and use the free tier and see for yourself.

Best App for tennis draws!!!

by Perth Tennis (Australia)

Whether you are organising a competition or just social play, this is the app you need. Whilst we are a small tennis club, we have enough players that it you can easily lose track of who has played who and accidentally mix different skill levels. This app allows you to define the groups, enter players names for each grouping and it will automatically work out your draw for you. You can also assign scoring based on wins, losses and draws to develop a leaderboard. It is very flexible so you can add players as you go. Also, great support from the developer. Sent off a query and got an answer within a few hours!!!

Matchup is a great App
by Jasheff (United States)

We needed a better app than what our groups had been using for matching up players for pickleball. This app works great. I can use this for dividing up our players from 3 groups of players. I don’t use it to the full extent of options but it does a great job for us. Customer service for this app is unmatched in my opinion. Before I bought it, I asked them a few questions specific to what we would need. The response was quick with examples on how to set it up for our needs. I have a group of 5 guys, a group of 25 men and women and a group of 12 men and women and it divides up partners and opponents with ease for each group. You can your matches to a PDF and print them if you want. Great app and great support!

by O. Sullivan (United States)

Excellent app for tennis pairings which used to be a nightmare. Highly recommended for organising competitive matches and fun tournaments

Over the Top Support!
by VJGORMAN (United States)

Just installed the app for creating weekly Pickleball round robin competitions. Need flexibility in number of players, rounds and courts. From what I see so far MatchUp Tennis Pro fills our needs nicely. Even more impressive is the app’s support. Came across a quarkey problem by using a “/“ in our event name. It caused a file management issue. Matchup support was up to the task and solved the problem within hours. Their response was immediate and thorough while keeping me up to date with their progress. Highly recommend MatchUp if you are looking for a multi-functional tournament organizer backed by an incredible support team.

Very good
by Martin Konrat (Brazil)

I’ve been organizing tournaments with this app for a while now and its pretty functional and easy to use. I recommend.