Knockout Format for Single Elimination Tournament 

What is the Knockout Format?

Knockout is a MatchUp format that generates a bracketed tournament.  A single elimination tournament is generated with the option for a consolation bracket for 1st round losers. 

Selected players will be placed in a knockout tournament.  Players can be seeded.  Non-seeded players will be randomly placed in the draw.

The Consolation Bracket will create a second bracketed event for 1st match losers.  This runs as a separate event.  

The double elimination format is currently not supported.  This will be developed as a future enhancement.

From the Players tab, select the players for the tournament.  Players can be selected from any group and will be entered into one tournament event.

From the Draw tab, select the Knockout Single Elimination event.  Select the option for Consolation Bracket if required.

The number of courts is not considered for a knockout tournament and courts are not assigned.  

The maximum number of players permitted is 32.

To seed the players, tap on 'Seeds'  in the table row.  The list of players will be displayed.  Move the seeded players and put in the order required.  

Once round 1 matches have been generated, save the event.  The knockout rounds will then be displayed.  As scores are entered, the winner of each match will be determined and move forward to the next round.  If Consolation bracket is included, the first round losers will automatically move into the Consolation bracket.  If a player has a bye in round one but loses their first match, they will be placed in the Consolation bracket.

The bracket view will be included in the report but you need to tap on the Bracket view first to build the snapshot for inclusion in the report.

Select the Knockout Format

Knockout Setup

Seed the players

Enter Scores.  Brackets will be automatically updated.

Tap on Brackets button to display the Bracket view