Here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions.

Refer to the list of FAQs below to get the most out of MatchUp - there's a lot of features you might not realize exist.


Players / Teams

Why should I group my players/teams?

Grouping your players/teams will provide for better quality matches and give you more control over the types of matches that you can generate (eg doubles, mixed doubles, team v team etc)

What is the best way to group players/teams?

For best results, it is good to group by gender and by grade/ability. For juniors, you might want to group by boys and girls & age groups. Each group is assigned a group type (Individuals, Teams, Fixed Pairs)

So for example, you could have:

Group 1 - Ladies 4.0

Group 2 - Men's 4.0

Group 3 - Ladies 4.5

Group 4 - Men's 4.5

Group 5 - Junior Girls

Group 6 - Junior Boys

Group 7 - Family Challenge A Grade (Fixed Pairs)

Group 10 - MIxed Teams Grade A (Teams)

But it really depends on your club. That's why the flexibility has been provided.

How many players should I put in a group?

The more the merrier! The more players you have in a group, the more opportunity each player will have to play with/against different players. It is recommended to have at least 4 players in a group.

I only have 2 players in one of my groups. Will they get any games?

Yes, all players will be allocated games evenly but these players may not get to play with players of similar ability/gender. This may have a detrimental impact on the other players that they are matched up with.

Can I have fixed pairs for my doubles matches?

Yes, but only for a Round Robin or Team Challenge style tournament. You will just need to set the player/team up with the names of both players eg Dianne & Gloria, Trish & Caroline. Then select the 'Fixed Pairs' format when generating the matches .

How do I put a player in multiple groups?

You can't. If for some reason you want to put a player into multiple groups, you will need to create another player alias to add in the 2nd group eg Dianne, Dianne B.

Can I move a player from one group to another?

Yes. Swipe on that player's name to edit and select the Group field. Scroll to select the new group and then save.

I typed in the name of the player wrongly. Can I update it?

Yes. Tap on the player's name and correct it. Once saved, the name will be updated for any current matches. Please note, the change will not be reflected in any saved matches.

I have 10 players but only 2 courts. Can I use the Singles round robin and have two players with a bye each week?

No, for the round robin schedule to work smoothly, you must be able to complete all matches in the round. You might just have to schedule the players to player at different times.

The only option here would be to split your players into two groups of 5. The players will only play against the others in the same group and 1 player from each group would have a bye.

Setting up the Draw

What is the difference between Social, Round Robin and Team Challenge format?

  • Social - a flexible doubles format allowing you to control the number of rounds and courts. You can also decide how the games should be arranged in each round. If players arrive late, leave early or want to sit out a round, it is all catered for.

  • Round Robin - each player will play against every other player within the same group.

  • Team Challenge - each player will play against every other play in the other team/group competing in the Team Challenge. Only two teams (groups) can be selected for the Team Challenge.

For Round Robin and Team Challenge formats, there are a number of subformats:

  • Doubles - each player will partner with each other player once . The number of rounds will be one less than the number of players. The number of courts required will be the number of players divided by 4.

  • Singles / Fixed Pairs / Teams - each player, team or pair will play against each other player/team/pair once. If there is an odd number of players, each player/team/pair will have one bye. The number of rounds will be one less than the number of players (or equal to number of players if odd number of players). The number of courts required will be the number of players/pairs/teams divided by 2.

  • Round Robin Mixed Doubles - select 2 groups of players of an equal number. Each player in one group will play against every other player in the same group and with each player in the other group. Rank the players for an equitable schedule. Set up the player sequence for spouse avoidance.

What is the difference between all the 'Preferred Match Types'?

Good question! This is the only complex part to MatchUp.

  • Within Groups - all four players will be from the same group. Best for same grade/gender matches.

  • Adjacent Groups - a player and their partner will be from an adjacent group number eg Group 1 & Group 2 v Group 1 & Group 2. Great for mixed doubles if your ladies and men are in adjacent groups.

  • Alternate Groups - a player and their partner will be from an alternate group number eg Group 1 & Group 3 v Group 1 & Group 3. Could allow for lower grade players to partner with a higher grade players - good practice!

  • InterGroup - a player and partner will be from the same group and play against two players from an adjacent group eg Group 1 & Group 1 v Group 2 & Group 2. Useful for a team competition (eg Group 1 has team A players, Group 2 has team B players).

  • Mix it up - players will be mixed together from any of the groups. Perfect for small social groups when gender and grade don't matter.

  • Manual - you decide who plays with who. Great for that 1st round when players drift in and go on to the courts as they arrive.

A player was injured, can I put another player on the court?

Yes - for Social Doubles. Assuming you have some players 'On the Bench', you just need to tap on the match that needs to be changed. Once the new screen loads, just tap on the player to be replaced and scroll to pick a new player. This new combination will be taken into account when generating future rounds.

Don't forget to mark the injured player unavailable to avoid being selected in future rounds. If you have already generated all your future rounds, you might want to regenerate the unplayed rounds.

Why do I sometimes get a message warning that partners may not be unique?

As the number of rounds increases, the available combination of unique partners decreases. Sometimes the algorithm is not able to generate a match with unique partners. By taking the option to regenerate the round again, the algorithm may come up with a completely new set of matches with unique partners. By checking on the 'Stats' page, you can see who is paired with who more than once and decide if you want to regenerate the round.

Why do I sometimes get a message warning that matches may not be unique?

This is to let you know that there could be 3 players in a match that have previously played together. You should review the round and decide if you want to try to regenerate the round with possibly a different combination.

Can I swap players between 2 courts?

Yes - there is a 3 step approach.

  1. Tap on the first court that you want to change. For the player you wish to remove, scroll their name and replace them with the asterisk (*).

  2. Tap the second court and scroll on the player you are removing to replace with the player from the first court.

  3. Tap on the first court again and scroll to replace the asterisk with the player from court 2.

I already generated the round and then 4 more players arrived. I have a spare court. Can I manually add these players to the round?

Yes - if you have upgraded to the Organizer Plus edition, you will see a plus (+) sign in the footer of the last round. Tapping on this will allow you to add a new court with the 4 players.

Managing Events

How is the leaderboard 'Points Factor' applied?

The points factor is applied to each score that a player has recorded and is in addition to points allocated for a win/draw/loss. It is a way of rewarding a player for the number of games they won.

For example, if you had 3 points for a win, 1 point for a loss and a points factor of 0.1:

  • a player winning 6-3 would be awarded 3.6 (3 points for the win and 6 * 0.1).

  • the losing opponent would be awarded 1.3 (1 points for the win and 3 * 0.1).

Can I combine results from several matches to find the overall leader?

Yes, there is a dais icon on the top right of the Saved Events view which activates the Combined Leaderboard. Once tapped, the icon will turn red. Select the events that you want to combine and tap the red dais icon again. A Combined Leaderboard will be displayed. By tapping on any one of the rows, you can see what points were earned in which event. Default points are used for the Combined Leaderboard. These can be set from the Setup tab. A report can be generated for the Combined Leaderboard.

Can I get a report of my match?

Yes, select the match from the Saved Events list and then tap on the Report button. The report will be displayed and can then be shared via email, airdrop, message etc. Sharing is not available in the free version.