What's New - Features & Enhancements

Version 7.2 (Coming soon) Option to swap match court numbers

Version 7.1 (Apr 2024) Playoff Option for Round Robin Doubles

For example, if the playoff is for the top 8 players, 4 pairs will be formed as follows: 

1 & 2, 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8

Version 7.0 (Mar 2024) 'King of the Court' format added to Social Doubles

Version 6.9 (Feb 2024) Scoring option increased. A new mix option for doubles RR with multiple cycles

Version 6.8 (Dec 2023) Dynamic text sizes, updates for countdown timer & match edit/override

Version 6.7 (Nov 2023) Updated UI, myDUPR Extract & update for Round Robin Fixed Pairs

Version 6.6 (Sep 2023) Updates to the External Display and UpNext format

Version 6.5 (July 2023) Import players from CSV file

Version 6.4 (May 2023) Player substitution and player schedule listing

Version 6.3.1 (Apr 2023) Reporting updates

Version 6.3 (Mar 2023) Additional mixed doubles schedules for 12, 20 & 28 players plus more

Version 6.2 (Feb 2023) Knockout (bracket) format added plus more

Version 6.1 (Sep 2022) Generate Score Sheets & updated for IOS16

To help you prepare for your tournaments, score sheets can now be generated and printed (for saved events in Club Pack version). Match details including players, round number and court number are recorded on each score sheet.

Version 6.0 (Aug 2022) 'Up Next' format plus much more

Version 5.5 (Sep 2021) Updated for IOS15

Version 5.4 (Sep 2021) Update to Stats and Reset Buttons

Version 5.3 (Jul 2021) Import player details from Contracts 

Version 5.2 (Jun 2021) External Display Leaderboard autoscroll plus..

Version 5.1 (Apr 2021) Mixed Doubles Round Robin format added

Version 5.0 (Mar 2021) Output to External Display plus much more

Additional fields added to player profile to facilitate easy communication (email, message, phone)

New options to show selected and ‘not selected’ players 

Expand/collapse groups

New player listing report

Capture birthday and display age

Option to export only selected players

Stepper buttons (-/+) added to court and rounds selection for social doubles

Increase in the number of rounds for Social Doubles from 10 to 20 (Club Pack)

Email match report to participants^

Email player listing to selected players (where email address had been captured on the player profile)