Round Robin Draw Generator for singles and doubles tournaments

What is the Round Robin Format?

The round robin format will generate a Singles, Doubles, Teams or Fixed Pairs tournament where each player rotates against every other player in the same groupFor Mixed Doubles, select two groups of an equal number of players (between 4 & 16 players in each group).

The number of courts and rounds will be automatically determined based on the number of players available in each group and the match type selected. 

A round robin event can be scheduled for multiple groups within the same event but the players will only play with/against players from the same group.  The cycle can be repeated up to 4 times.

Note: Mixed doubles schedules were added in v6.3 for 12, 20 and 28 players.   For 12 players, 9 rounds will be scheduled with 2 matches per round.  Each player will have 6 matches and 3 byes. For 20 and 28 players, every player competes in every round.  For these 3 schedules, every player will partner with every player in the other group and play against all players in both groups once, with the exception of one opponent that they will play against twice.  

Multiple cycles can be run for round robin events.  For Doubles, you can choose to repeat cycle 1 or generate a new mix for each cycle.  For the other formats, cycle 1 will be repeated.

Some options are only available in the Club Pack edition.

Doubles/Singles/Fixed Pairs

Set the options as applicable.  For Fixed Pairs, players will need to partnered up by dragging and dropping.

Mixed Doubles

Select the two groups, update spouse avoidance option if allowed, rank/sort the players, generate the matches.

Round Robin Doubles Schedule 

Sample doubles schedules for 8 and 12 players: