Team Challenge Draw Generator for singles and doubles match play 

What is Team Challenge?

Team Challenge is a match format often used by coaches, clubs and associations as a fun competition to foster team spirit & encourage participation.  

Players compete in small teams for points over a short series of matches.  Players will compete against every player in the other team.

The MatchUp team challenge format involves two teams (groups) with a choice of either singles or doubles matches.

From the Players tab, select the available players from the two Groups that are going to participate in the Team Challenge.

From the Draw tab, select the Team Challenge Format (Singles or Doubles) and then select the two groups (teams) that are participating.  For fixed pairs (eg father and son pair), use the Fixed Pairs format - each pair will play each pair in the other team.  

The number of courts and rounds will be automatically determined based on the number of players in the teams and whether it is singles or doubles.   The maximum number of players permitted in each group for Team Challenge format is 24 (i.e. 23 rounds). 

If there is one player more in one of the teams, a player from that team will have a bye in each round.   

Select format and the two teams

Team Challenge

For doubles, rank the players for an even matchup.

A Player will face opposite number in every round

Team Challenge ranking

e.g. Katy plays against Jody in each round but with a different partner

Team challenge matches

Each player partners with each other player in their team and against every player in the other team

Team challenge player stats

Use this format to run your next  LTA Team Challenge event.