Get Started

This visual guide is a quick reference guide to setting up and using the different features of MatchUp Tennis & Pickleball Organizer


1. Add/select the players

2. Setup the draw

Visual Guide Social Doubles Draw

3. Play the matches

Visual Guide Matches View

4. Save the event

Visual Guide Saved Events

1. Manage Players

MatchUp Players Menu
MatchUp Group Descriptions
MatchUp Players Action Options
MatchUp Player Details

2. Prepare the Draw

Before you begin, RESET the Draw.

Select the available Players. For Social Doubles, a player can take a rest in any round

 Select a venue/event

MatchUp Draw Set Venue or Event

Decide on the match format

MatchUp Prepare Draw

Social Doubles

For Social Doubles, the draw is flexible and can be adjusted for each round based on the number of available players and courts.  The 'preferred match type' can be set for each round to give a mix of games between players from different groups.  It is recommended that you generate a round or two at a time to cater for later arrivals, players wanting a rest or those that leave early.

MatchUp Social Draw Setup
MatchUp Draw Social Match Type
MatchUp Draw Social GO

Round Robin

For Round Robin Doubles, each player will partner with every other player in the group and play against every other player in the group twice (per cycle).  A group must consist of 4 - 24 players in multiples of 4.  The only exception is for groups or 5 or 9 players where each player will have one bye (per cycle).

For Round Robin Singles, Teams & Fixed Pairs, each player, team or pair will play every other player, team or pair in the group once (per cycle).  When there is only 1 group selected, there will be an option to include  elimination playoff.  At the end of the rounds, the top 2, 4 or 8 players from the leaderboard will go into the elimination playoff.  There is an option for a bronze playoff for 3rd place.

The playing order is randomly picked by default (i.e. players are shuffled).

MatchUp Round Robin Doubles Draw
MatchUp Round Robin Singles Draw
MatchUp Round Robin Singles with Playoff Draw

Team Challenge

Two teams (groups) will play against each other.

For Team Challenge Doubles, each player will partner with every other player in the same team and play against every player in the other team.   Each player will play their opposite number in each round so it is important to rank the players in each team for doubles to ensure an even matchup.  If the teams are mixed, ensure that the boys and girls are ranked in the same order for both teams.  This will ensure even doubles and mixed doubles matches.

For Team Challenge Singles & Fixed Pairs, each player or pair will play against each player/pair in the other team.

MatchUp Team Challenge Selection
MatchUp Team Challenge Description
MatchUp Team Challenge Doubles Ranking
MatchUp Team Challenge Singles

3. Matches - Ready to Play

Matches View

MatchUp Matches

Show Timer, Scores, Emojis

MatchUp Display Options

Player Stats

MatchUp Player Stats

Use Custom Court Labels

MatchUp Custom Court Labels

More options...

MatchUp Matches Menu

Refresh External Display

MatchUp Refresh Display

Save the event

MatchUp Save Event

For Social Doubles, there are a number of extra features available on the Matches view (Organizer Plus & Club Pack editions)

You can override a match by either swapping players around within the court or swapping players from the bench. 

If extra players arrive after you have generated the round and you have another court available, you can add a manual match into the round.

Override a match
MatchUp Override a match
MatchUp Add Extra Court

4. Saved Events - Update Scores, View Leaderboard, Report

Saved events can be viewed by event or by player.  Swipe to delete or copy an event.  Tap to select an event where it can be managed.

By Event

MatchUp Events

By Player

MatchUp Events by Player

Swipe to Delete

MatchUp Swipe to Delete

Swipe to Copy

MatchUp Swipe to Copy

Event Details

After selecting a saved event, you can enter scores, change the date or title, enter/update points for leaderboard, view leaderboard, share a match file, generate a report and output to an external display.

Event Details

MatchUp Event Details

Edit date...

MatchUp Date

Edit Title...

MatchUp Title

Set Leaderboard Points...

MatchUp Leaderboard Points

Menu Options...

MatchUp Saved Event Menu

View Leaderboard Match Ratio

MatchUp Leaderboard Match Ratio

or by Total Points

MatchUp Leaderboard total points

By Group/Team

MatchUp Group Leaderboard

View Report

MatchUp Report Viewer

& email or print

MatchUp Report Menu

Export Match to file or another user/device

MatchUp Export Match

Combined Leaderboard

Get a combined leaderboard from a number of events.  Just select the events you want to combine.  From the Combined Leaderboard, you can generate a report.


MatchUp combined leaderboard

View report or show on external display

MatchUp combined leaderboard menu


MatchUp combined leaderboard selection

Email or print report

MatchUp combined leaderboard report

Sort by Match Ratio...

MatchUp combined leaderboard ratio

or Total Points

MatchUp combined leaderboard total points

5. Settings

Via the Setup tab, you can customise the a number of settings to suit your requirements.

MatchUp Settings
MatchUp Group Descriptions
MatchUp Venues and Events
MatchUp Default Match Type
MatchUp Emojis
MatchUp Default Points
MatchUp Report Settings
MatchUp Scoring Options
MatchUp Timer Settings
MatchUp Custom Court Labels
MatchUp External Display Settings
MatchUp Ext Display Message