Easy to use and flexible - just select players, select format and play!

You are in control

Feature rich and flexible - MatchUp gives you the ability to setup the players, match formats/tournaments in the way that best suits your requirements and style of play. Match formats include Social Doubles, Round Robin and Team Challenge.

Great flexibility is provided to allow the organizer to define how players should be grouped (eg by gender, grade, gender & grade, age groups etc).

Player details are entered and each player assigned to a group. Players can be easily moved between groups. Just set the player to 'available' as they arrive and you are ready to go.

Match format allows for Social Doubles, Round Robin and Team Challenge events. Social Doubles is perfect for those social matches where you are able to set the number of rounds & courts. You decide on the type of game required for each round, based on the numbers of players available by group. Round Robin matches will ensure every player is matched with/against all other players in the same group, or in another group in the case of mixed doubles. Team Challenge will allow each player in one group to play against each player in another group (singles/doubles/fixed pairs available). The number of rounds and courts will be determined automatically based on the number of players.

All matches can be saved and shared. Scores can be recorded. Points for win/loss/draw can be awarded and the leaderboard* will show the tournament standings. The overall leader from multiple events can displayed and reported from the Combined Leaderboard.

MatchUp Guide (v5.3)


There is a free version of MatchUp with limited functionality. In-App Purchases allow you to add on the features that you need.

    • Reporting Pack

    • Organizer Plus

    • Club Pack

MatchUp Editions

External Display

New to version 5 and available to the Club Pack, is the ability to use your club TV or a monitor to display a message board, the matches and the leaderboard. To connect to the external display, you will need an Apple TV or smart TV with Airplay2 or an AV Adaptor to connect your iPhone/iPad to the display. Select the "Screen Mirroring" option from the device control panel to connect.

The External Display Options page (under Settings) allows you to customise the logo and title on the display. This is also the place where you manage the message board.

Message Board

Message for display
Screen with message board

Matches View

Matches for display
Screen with matches

Leaderboard View

Leaderboard for display
Screen with leaderboard


All players need to be assigned to a Group. You can define the nature of and provide a description for each group. Players Groups are integral to the match generation and some experimentation might be required to set up groups to best suit your requirements.

Each group should be assigned a Group Type (Individuals, Teams, Fixed Pairs) - the default value is 'Individuals'.

TIP: For Social Doubles, the more players in a group, the better the games will be as there will be more players to select from when finding a partner or opponent. Less than 4 players in a group will lead to compromised match combinations.

Select the Players tab to:

  • Add new players.

  • Edit existing players (swipe from left to right on the player name).

  • Select player availability by setting the switch - this can be updated during the rounds as players come and go.

  • 'Pause' a player to allow them to opt out of a round when generating Social Doubles.

  • Pull down on the player list to activate the search bar.

The player profile screen will appear when adding or editing a player. Name and Group are mandatory. Scroll the values to assign a group. To update the Group Descriptions, select the icon on the top of the Players tab or from the Setup Tab. Add an email address and/or phone number and you will be able to include the player in group contact or contact individually.

Date of birth is an optional field. good to keep track on the age of the juniors (or seniors!!).

A photo can be added with the option to take a photo or select from the photo library.

Notes can be captured.

You can export a file containing all or selected players and import it to another device using MatchUp or save it to your files as a backup. When imported to a device, new players will be added and any existing players will only be updated if the group or notes have changed. No players will be deleted in the process. This feature is only available in the Organizer Plus and Club Pack versions.

Note: If you wish to play fixed pairs, enter 2 names in the player profile eg 'Serena & Venus'. You can then use the 'Fixed Pairs' format to generate fixed pair doubles for Round Robin or Team Challenge matches.

Select players when available

Pause when player wants to take a break

MatchUp Players with pause

Many options...

MatchUp Player List with menu

Player Profile

Add Player to a Group or Contact Player

MatchUp Player Profile

For example, email all or just selected players

MatchUp Player list with email options


Once the players have been tagged as available, use the Draw tab to set the matches.

The 'Reset' button will delete all matches and reset to players as 'unavailable'. This should always be used to clear out a match after it has been saved. It will ensure a clean start to a new event.

To set up the draw:

  1. Set the venue/event (optional) - this is used as an identifier when saving the match and for reporting. The values shown here are retrieved from the Setup tab. Scroll to select.

  2. Ensure that players are marked as available (total available will be displayed).

  3. Decide on the format and set the parameters.

  4. Press the GO button.

The status bar at the bottom of the screen displays the parameters for last time the match was generated.

Social Doubles

Many choices...

MatchUp Social Doubles Format

Round Robin

Singes, Doubles, Teams, Fixed Pairs

MatchUp Round Robin Format

Team Challenge

Singles, Doubles, Fixed Pairs

MatchUp Team Challenge Format


On completion of match generation, the Matches screen will be displayed. Scroll the table to see all the rounds. If there are more players than the maximum required for a round, those with a bye ("On the bench" for So) will be shown for each round.


The Stats button will provide a summary of how many games each player has been scheduled for, along with his/her partners and opponents (and the number of times played together if more than once). It will also display which rounds the player has been on the bench (if any).

Menu Button

The menu icon at the top right of the view provides a number of optons:

Save Event

The Save button will save a copy of the current match to the Saved tab. The match will be saved with the Venue/Comp description shown on the Draw tab and the date/time that the match was generated. You will then be presented with the Event Viewer screen where you can enter/update the score, set tournament points & view the leaderboard, view the report and share the match. See below for further details. If the draw is regenerated after the match has been saved, it can be re-saved and will show as a separate match under the Saved tab with the new time/date.

* Only 1 match can be saved with the Free edition.

Show/Hide Countdown Timer

If the countdown timer has been switched on, it will display at the top of view. You can start, pause and reset at any time. Once the countdown has completed, an alarm will ring. If MatchUp is running in the background, a notification alert will be provided. If you have an Apple watch and notifications switched on, the notification will also be provided to your watch. Great if you are on the court!!

Countdown time (minutes) can be adjusted by tapping on the countdown time displayed or from the Settings tab.

Show/Hide Scores

You can capture the scores on this view - use this menu option to toggle the scores on/off. You can set the number of sets to record score for (1-3). Refer Settings > Scoring Options below. The score will be saved with the match where applicable.

Show/Hide Emoji

For Social Doubles, you can show or hide the Emojis. The emoji will help indicate how well the match generated fits with the preferred match type selected.

Custom Court Labeling*

If custom courts labels have been defined, use this option to toggle between the default court labels and custom court labels. Refer Settings > Court Label Customization

Refresh External Display*

If an external display (eg TV or monitor) is connected, you can refresh the display by selecting this menu item. You will be prompted for the round number from which you want to display.

*Club Pack only

Ready to play

Check players stats

Many options...

Saved Events

All saved events are viewed from the Saved tab. Pull down on the list to activate the search bar.

There is an option to view saved events by event or by player.

The events are sorted by the generation date/time. The ✅ emoji is used to indicate that a score has been recorded for all matches. The ⚠️emoji indicates that score is recorded for some matches. No emoji means no scores have been recorded.

Once the match has been selected, it will be displayed in the Event Details viewer.

Saved Events

by Event name

MatchUp Saved events

or by Player

MatchUp saved events by player

Combined Leaderboard

To get a combined leaderboard for a number of events, select the dais icon (top right) and when it turns red, select the events that you wish to combine. Tap the icon again to display the results.

Sort by match ratio or total points. Tap on any player to expand to see what event they played in.

Tap on the leaderboard menu icon on to generate a report or output to the external display.

Default points will be applied to the Combined Leaderboard. These can be setup/edited from the Setup tab.

Select events and combine for leaderboard

MatchUp Combined Leaderboard

Event Details

The Event Details view provides for the following:

  • The date can be changed by tapping on it and selecting a new date. The original date will be noted on the Saved Events listing.

  • The title can be updated by tapping on it. The original venue/comp title is retained as a reference and can be seen when tapping on the title.

  • Points can be updated for win, loss, draw and points factor. The points are awarded based on the following logic.....

    • Win, Loss and Draw are based on sets and then games.

      • If there is only one set, then the player(s) with the highest number of games get the points awarded for a win and the opposition get the points awarded for a loss. If the number of games are equal, points for a draw are allocated to both teams.

      • If there is more than one set, the player(s) winning the most sets will be awarded the points for a win. If the number of sets is equal, it is considered a draw.

    • Points Factor - this is awarded independently of the win/loss/draw points and added to those points as applicable.

    • Some examples - you decide what suits your needs:

      • If you are playing a round robin style tournament and just want to count the number of games each person wins, you might leave the points for win, loss and draw as 0 and set the points factor to 1.0. Players will be awarded 1 point for each game they win in a round.

      • If you want to award points for winning but don't care about the score, you might just award 3 points for a win and 1 points for a draw. Set the points factor to 0.

      • If you want a combination of both e.g. 3 points for a win and 0.1 for each match won, then this is possible too.

Menu Button

  • View Leaderboard will take you to a new view showing the listing of players with the number of games played, won, drawn, lost and the total points. If you touch on a player, further detail will be displayed showing the results for that player and the points awarded for each round.

  • A report can be viewed by selecting the VIew Report option. The Report Viewer page will be displayed. The report can then be printed or shared via AirDrop, email etc using the action button (top right)*.

  • The saved event can be shared* to another IOS device or MatchUp user by selecting the Export Match File option. When the shared file is opened in MatchUp by the receiver, it will be included in the their Saved tab. Points and scores will be included in the file where applicable.

  • The Show/Hide Scores option will toggle to allow for results to be captured and displayed. All changes to the score are automatically saved.

  • If custom courts labels have been defined, use the Court Labels option to toggle between the default court labels and custom court labels.

  • If an external display (eg TV or monitor) is connected, you can refresh the display by selecting the Refresh External Display option. You will be prompted for the round number from which you want to display.

*Sharing/printing and the Leaderboard are not available in the Free Edition

Sort leaderboard by match ratio or total points

For all individuals or by group

View and print/share a report

With option to email to participants


From the Settings tab, you can define the following settings:

  • A description for up to 12 groups of players. This description will be displayed on the Players tab once players have been added to the Group. For example: Ladies 4.0, Men's 4.0, Junior Girls, Division 1. Each group should be assigned a group type of ' Individuals', 'Teams' or 'Fixed Pairs'. The default value is 'Individuals'.

  • A description for venues or events. This list will be available to choose from on the Draw tab and is useful when saving matches to history. eg Tues Ladies Social, Family Challenge, Saturday Mixed Comp, Kiwi Tennis Club, Miami Pickleball Social

  • Select a default match type. This will be the value defaulted to each round when preparing the Draw for "Social Doubles".

    • Within Groups

    • Adjacent Groups

    • Alternate Groups

    • InterGroup

    • Mix it up

    • Manual

  • Match Emoji - set on to display the emoji on the Matches page for Social Doubles. It will provide a guide to the quality of each match. Refer Preferred Match Type under Social Doubles for more details.

  • Set default points for win, loss, draw and points factor. These points will be applied when saving a match. They can be updated for each saved event. Default points are also applied to the Combined Leaderboard.

  • Printing options allow for:

    • Portrait/landscape orientation

    • Condensed Print (no wrapping of lines on the Matches section of the report)

  • Scoring options allow for:

    • Display and capture of the score on the 'Matches' view

    • You to decide how many sets you want to capture score for (1-3). This setting will be applied to the 'Matches' and 'Saved Events' views.

  • Countdown timer options allow you to switch on/off the timer and set the countdown time. When switched on, the timer will be displayed on the Matches view.

  • Court Label Customization - enter your own descriptions to replace the default description of Court 1, Court 2 etc.

  • External Display Options - add your own club logo, enter a title, add your message to be displayed on the message board when not displaying matches or the leaderboard.

  • Upgrade via In-App Purchases (refer to the table above for the features of each edition)

The User Guide and Privacy Policy links are available within the Settings view.

Many settings allow you to customize MatchUp